Thursday, October 16, 2008

Phew nearly left it too long

I'm back, yes and it's not even a year since my last post.

Well whats happened in the last year or so

  1. We have another sprog on the way - in a month or so a little Nigella will pop into the world, still havent thought out a name, so the wee thing may actually end up being called Nigella ( oh dear)
  2. Pretty much unemployed, the US work that constituted 90% of our work has dried up, i have done a week of temping and thats about it recently we are still getting the odd job through, but I have a horrible feeling i am going to need to retrain again
  3. Alex turned 2 Last month, we have been doing loads of Father and son stuff over the past year, most mornings we go to the park or the petting zoo, or the library, we built a sand pit about a month ago, I did the hard Yakka and Alex supervised although he did insist on trying to fill the wheelbarrow using only his toy spade, and he tried to screw in every single screw, and when he realised that two year olds aren't quite that strong he resorted to trying to hammer the screws in with the base of the screw driver.
  4. I am still a dismal failure at fixing up the house, pretty much nothings been done, i filled a hole to stop the mice getting in, but thats about it
Now i remember why i don't blog, it depresses the hell out of me

see you next year, not that anyone would read this, because well, it's one of those blogs you see and think WHY?

Why is this person blogging they obviously have very little to say and it's as boring as hades

oh well toodle pip