Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hair Removal - by Veet

Right, i am not or never will be a fan of shaving, but well i don't particularly like looking like Bill Baileys homeless brother, so i tend to shave irregularly, basically whenever i look in the mirror and think shit i look like a hippie.

So I looked at hair removal by wax but well being a wimp and reading the reviews here After i finished pissing myself laughing i decided that
a) I have no interest (not that i ever did) in manscaping my downstairs and
b) Its going to be painful on the face too.

So shaving is back on, until I feel lazy again, hell if it hurts to pull a plaster off I dread to think what a wax strip will do.

Visited by a Hedgepig

Hieronymous the hedgehog
Better maintain my average of 3 posts a year.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago we got a visit from a very noisy little hedgehog, who ate all the cat food then followed me to the letter box and sniffed and rubbed against my slippers, then returned to feeding from the cats bowl, and looked a little miffed that there was no more food left (if a hedgehog can look miffed). He pretty much moved into the carport  for the week and only left when the cat started eating all her her food up.

I decided to name him Hieronymous the hedgehog after the famous painter Hieronymous Bosch, who painted the Garden of earthly delights which when i first saw it i thought was some weird trippy 70s album cover instead its a religious piece from the late 15th century, it is a weird painting and proof that some painters probably sniffed a bit too much of their own paints.

Shiny happy toothpaste

Okay being the renowned cheapskate that i am,I got some clearance toothpaste (shrek related) and when I squeezed it out it was clear green with glitter in it, which got me thinking why does all toothpaste have to be mint flavoured, and why not funky colours, okay i realise white looks clean, but you do rinse your mouth afterwards.

I mean why is there no cheese and onion flavoured toothpaste or pork scratching or lemon and honey, now theres a good combination the cleaning power of lemon with the soothing power of honey.
Mint is boring if you are going to use a herb why not parsley or caraway seed flavoured, but no pretty much every toothpaste uses plain old mint and its because we have been conditioned to believe mint is the smell of cleanliness, but then why aren't toilet cleaners mint scented instead they use food smells like vanilla or berry which just makes you hungry when you are taking a dump, quite frankly I'd rather have a minty fresh toilet and vanilla scented breath than the other way around.