Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Blessay of note

I have read a number of blogs, but very few if any have I returned to for a second look, I have found that most can be divided into 3 or 4 categories
  • Spotty Blogs - These are characterised by frequent semi intelligible rants against Microsoft/Telecom/Schools etc (all of which their Mummy and Daddy pay for), with only the most tenuous argument to back up the basis of their rants, the image you get of the writers of these blogs is a spotty adolescent who still obsesses about Pokemon and that the perfect woman will her drop panties when she hears he is a grand pokemon master /level 20 dungeon master or whatever, basically they are the type of person who only gets a sense of self worth by making others feel miserable
  • Technical Blogs - I like these, there are some people/geeks etc out there, who whenever they do something they will write a step by step guide to it, whether it be installing a new operating system, replacing ram or even something not technology based like a scrapbooking project or making a cloth nappy, these are written with an altruistic side to them, which is really helpful, but for me at least once i have solved the problem that caused me to visit the blog I very rarely go back (unless a similar problem arises)
  • Waffling, Meandering blogs that go nowhere - the type of blog that stops and starts with no idea of what the next post may be and no coherence between any of the posts (probably what this post is going to be) , they are fine but it is hard to know if you will like them as you can't get a feel for the author of the blogs
  • Blessays - Yes i know the term doesn't exist but I have pinched it from Stephen Frys blog as these are very long winded blogs but they have the self examination and self depreciation and of course the humour to stop them appearing as rants/ or odes to pomposity
So what blogs do I read

well the PressF1 blogs
And Stephen Frys "Blogs Blessays Blaquisitions"

I would dearly love to have the ability to write like Stephen Fry (I'd also love to be able to purchase all the gadgets he writes about to), but I have never been able to extract what i want to say out of my head, the words just seem clumsy when written down

Anyway gotta go and deal with the kids

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