Tuesday, January 18, 2011

4 Dumb Clucks

Ok we now have chooks, infact we have had them for a few months, and they live in Casa de Pollo, which was built by yours truly.

I really am not a DIYer as it took me a lot of time, and cost a small fortune, mind you I did buy some power tools so that bumped the cost up.

I was thinking to use it as a playarea for the kids but wifey said NO, I mean it would be a good way to get peace and quiet.

Anyway we got three chooks, Wyandottes which were 12-15 weeks old at the time, and should hopefully start laying in the next couple of weeks.
Alex named them (note they are all HENS as in girls) , and their names are Fireman Sam, Elvis and Wendy

They got joined by Flossie (a Shaver) a rescued chook that had been found roaming the streets, she's a lot older and was at some stage a caged bird as her beak show that it was clipped at some stage, she quickly became head chook, although now the Wyandottes are a good 10cm taller than here, that status is under threat.

Eggs, currently we get 1 every 2 days, so hopefully these others start laying soon, as i am starting to see roast chook with all the trimming every time i look at them, OK not really, and they'll probably all die of old age as I am too much of a sook to bump them off when they stop laying.

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