Thursday, March 24, 2011

Genetic tests pending...

The downside to homebirths, is that you can't pretend that you were given the wrong children. No matter how much you want to imagine the misbehaving little troglodytes aren't yours, you just know they are.

I blame their mothers side of the family for the naughty genetics.

Anyway it all began on  Tuesday, Alex stuffed a gold bead up his nose, despite having been told a gazillion time not to stuff things in his various orifices, anyway we tried everything to get it out, to no avail, so i loaded him in the courtesy car (did i mention our car dropped dead the previous week)and took him to the local doctors, Lottie had to stay home and screamed her lungs out as she wanted to go too. Once we got to the doctors he was seen extremely quickly, after trying various scary looking tweezers (big and scary Alex looked terrified, that'll teach him) the doctor disappeared for 10 minutes, then came back with tweezers with a big spike on the end (excellent), and see if this doesn't work he'll need to go to Waikato hospital and have it taken out under sedation, (oh bugger), thankfully it worked and the bead got put straight in the bin, so Alex didn't get any ideas.

Fast forward to Wednesday, Lottie stuck a big pile of sellotape up her nose, and we tried everything to get it out, but to no avail, but as it didn't seem to be causing a prob and it was later before we noticed (not to mention I was a touch embarrased to have to take a second kid in to th docs with something wedged up their nose), we left it and waited for the next day. Thursday Shar finds a new pair of tweezers and within about 10 mins we have the sellotape out.

I am hoping the genetic test come soon.

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