Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hot Semi Naked Chicks

Lets see if that title gets me loads of hits on this page.

Picked up a couple of ex battery chooks from Lichfield last weekend, here's one of the little chappettes

They actually look a lot better than the last lot I got, although the comb and wattle are an extremely pale pink and their beaks are a bit odd.

They are fairly timid still, the last lot were much more nosey, mind you the weather is a lot colder at the mo and they have come from a place that was probably heated 24/7 so we will see what happens.

Around October last year i got my previous battery hens, who looked like the above
and this what the surviving one looks like today
Although its not the best picture her comb and wattle are a lot redder than they seem here.

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